"The Smart Tag's great, I mean... It actually does something!" Allison B. London, ON

My Pet Code’s Smart Tag 'collar tag' provides the rescuer a gateway to your pet’s most vital information in their time of need.

A lost pet who is equipped with a Smart Tag can be scanned by any
smartphone. With a simple wave of any NFC enabled smartphone
(Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.), a rescuer can access
a pet’s Rescue Alerts Panel and contact the pet owner 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, and 365 days a year with no call centres or operators to wait on.

The Rescue Alerts Panel, seen below, is what your pet's rescuer sees on their
smartphone when they tap or scan the Smart Tag.

All phone numbers and email address are taken from the pet owner's profile and can be kept anonymous at the discretion of the pet owner.

Any phone number or email address can be changes at anytime, from any mobile phone or home computer with no fees, ever.




Kevin Harrington, an original Shark from the ABC hit show Shark Tank, is a trusted supporter of My Pet Code-a unique, all encompassing, Canadian-designed concept that introduces modern technology to an ageold pet product: the collar tag.

My Pet Code is proud to be featured as one of Kevin's recommended pet products.


My Pet Code is proud to be actively involved in the pet industry and be building life-partnerships with pet owners, companies, and organizations who are committed to the health and wellness of pets.